Software Testing Practices in IT Industry of Pakistan

A software must do what it intends to do. The quality is core factor in IT Industry and in software products. The quality of the product is main concern of the producer and the main requirement of a customer. Software testing is the core activity of quality assurance and very important phase of software development life cycle. Quality of any system is known by testing that product. With the advancement of IT industry many new verification and validation technique are introduced over a time. New trends are well adopted in developed countries like USA, UK etc. But not as well in IT of developing countries like Pakistan. The need of this paper is due to a large number of outsourced projects and also multinational IT companies in Pakistan. Due to high demand of outsourced projects the software testing become an integral part of IT Industry of Pakistan. Our team has collected data about testing in IT Industry of Pakistan which will be benefit for the testers in IT Industry not just in Pakistan but worldwide. These results could be use by researchers to identify the strengths and weakness of testing in IT industry.

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