Software Project Management and Its Tools in
Practice in IT Industry of Pakistan

Abstract—This paper analyzes and evaluate the current level of Software Project Management And its tolls in practice in IT Industry of Pakistan. 90% IT project in Pakistan are outsourced and many international companies have built their off-shore IT companies in Pakistan due to cheap employment.As mostly projects are from developed countries and are large and complex IT projects so there is high demand of local Software Project Manager to manage these projects. Due to this high demand there are an increase in institutes which start providing Software Project Management courses and certifications and this is how Software Project Management become an integral part of IT industry of Pakistan but in small companies the roll of Project Manager varies. The introduction of this paper describes the importance and essence of Software Project Management and its tools in practice and their characteristics. Our team has collects data to find out success of project implementation, Software Project Management knowledge, reasons for success and failure, trade-off decisions and capability of Software Project Manager and their journey to become project manager.

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