A Novel Approach for Software Requirement Prioritization

Requirement engineering is an early phase of Software Development Life Cycle where software requirement prioritization becomes a real challenge when dealing with large number of requirements. A number of requirement prioritization techniques exist including
Cumulative Voting, Planning Games, Analytic Hierarchy Process , MOSCOW etc. It is analyzed that for large number of requirements, these techniques are not sufficient due to complexity and ranking problems. In this paper, we have purposed a novel approach named as “MAHP” for Requirement Prioritization by integrating the AHP concepts in MOSCOW technique which will reduce the number of
pairwise comparisons thus reducing the complexity. MAHP is validated using case study of Library Management System .Results shows that our proposed approach MAHP is more efficient because it has generated forty five (45) comparisons as compared to AHP which is able to generate more than two hundred (210) pairwise comparisons for just twenty one (21) functional requirement.